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Benefits of Pre-Cast Concrete

Often our clients ask why we don't do pour in place concrete! The answer is rather quite simple, we are proud of our work and want the quality of the work to reflect that.

Here at DC Concrete Countertops we service the entire region of Southern California with pre-cast concrete for both commercial and residential purposes.

A few benefits of pre-cast method:

- Pre-cast concrete is manufactured and fabricated in a controlled environment giving us the ability to control the mix and eliminate as many errors as possible.

- With much less contaminants the structural integrity of the concrete is at an extremely high level yielding much higher levels of durability and tensile strength.

-Weather can no longer impede on your project's progress. With pre-cast it is done in a controlled workshop and brought out to the installation site allowing you to cast in inclement weather and achieve the same results.

- Protects your concrete from incurring any damage from job site activities. Once our pieces are completed we will deliver to location and the piece can be installed immediately. Too often we see concrete damaged by contaminants and imperfections caused by environmental and human factors at the job sites.

Overall, pre-cast is just simply a more efficient, higher quality and tried and tested technique that produces a superior product to cast-in-place concrete

Located in beautiful San Diego and with over a decade of experience DC Concrete Countertops is at your service for any upcoming projects residential or commercial. Please visit our website at or give us a call at 858-397-8845 and start on your beautiful project today!

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