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It's all in the sealer!

Here at DC Concrete Countertops we only use the premium Omega sealer recommended by the Concrete Countertop Institute. There are many sealers out there that promise the world but really come up short.

With Omega we assure ourselves the most reliable and durable finishes for our products. The benefits of using Omega sealer for your concrete countertops over the other sealers are plenty, but below are some of the most crucial.


1. Omega sealer used by DC Concrete Countertops is not only beneficial for the health of your countertops but also the health of your family. It is non-toxic and adheres to all of the FDA guidelines for food grade safety.

2. Omega sealer is designed to hold up to extraordinary amounts of wear and tear. It makes your concrete countertops scratch resistant, acid resistant and stain resistant. Any of these things could ruin your beautiful concrete countertop. No longer will it be a worry with concrete countertops that are finished with the Omega sealer.

3. Once applied, Omega sealer is a set it and forget it type of sealer. No longer will you need to ever reapply a new coat or maintain the sealer itself. This truly gives you peace of mind that your investment is protected with little maintenance.

4. Heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Overall the products of DC Concrete Countertops here in San Diego are coated with the best sealer on the market. This creates a wonderful customer experience for our clients and gives us the peace of mind that our products are holding up to our high standards.

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