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What is GFRC (Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete)?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

GFRC is a type of fiber-reinforced concrete. Accomplished with the addition of glass fibers within the concrete during the mixing process. This imbues the concrete with the properties of the glass fibers, giving the concrete increased flexibility and tensile strength. In the Greater San Diego Area DC Concrete Countertops we are proud to be one of the only companies that utilize this premium quality product for our clients!

Benefits of GFRC:

- Concrete that has glass fiber reinforcements is considerably lighter. Products created with GFRC can be made thinner and with less sand and stone involved.

- With the added flexibility, GFRC is less susceptible to cracking.

- Less man-power required for installation.

- With Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete there is no need for any additional reinforcement as it is already integrated with the concrete itself.

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Here at DC Concrete Countertops we specialize in creating GFRC Countertops and our craftsmen here are all trained by The Concrete Countertop Institute. This is all to insure the project for your home, office or business is receiving the white glove treatment and completed exactly as you envisioned.

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